I believe that all of you is gorgeous and deeply fucking awesome!

I believe that it's about time you gave yourself permission to be all of the things that you are, no matter where, who with and quite frankly, WTF you might be wearing or doing!  How many more years will you wait?

You've spent a long damn time learning those bits you're "allowed" to show, twisting yourself into all sorts of Human Pretzel shapes, to fit in, to comply and to be what others need you to be for them to feel comfortable (hello and good morning to the Patriarchy 👋🏼).

Unpretzel Yourself is my laser-focussed coaching package to start untangling your Human Pretzel. This is not just any old coaching intensive - this is deep work on what really matters.

It's time you brought all of you to the table!

Are you ready to Unpretzel Yourself my friend?

a deep dive two-hour COACHING session for human pretzels ready to set their inner courageous rebel free

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Being truly SEEN and visible in the world! No more Human Pretzel for you - let the world see ALL of you! Let's be real: being visible is our Kryptonite. Be patient, it will come.

Having the courage to advocate for yourself and what you need. Self-care lives here too. Let's be real: advocating for yourself is HARD and takes practice!

Discovering the REAL you! Peeling away the layers of those learnt behaviours and characteristics. Let's be real: which ones are YOU and which ones are your pretzel?

Created by Iconicfrom the Noun Project

Reducing the number of fucks you give what other people think of you. Let's be real: we're social animals - it's normal to care what people think - just not TOO much!

Created by Maxim Kulikovfrom the Noun Project

Just imagine...

...if you will

Let's draw back the curtains on living as a Courageous Rebel

and peek inside!

my clients are:

Getting crystal clear on who they really are and what really matters - none of this “up a mountain navel-gazing with a goat*” crap, real talk and tools to get to their very foundations.

Ready to find and live their vision and purpose – they’re unleashing that recurring secret dream and bringing it into their reality.

Feeling amazing putting themselves first (and also a bit wobbly), asking for help and wrapping their heads around this self-care malarkey – and doing it all their way!

Developing some shit-hot boundaries and learning to navigate the thin line between hard-ass brick wall and pliable people-pleaser.

Discovering that there’s a bit of them that’s convinced they can change the world! There’s stuff they’re just not OK with and they’re stepping up to be part of the solution.

Practicing cultivating the kind of courage that means they give a lot less fucks what anyone else thinks and they save their fucks given for what really matters.

*for the record I hold no goat-related grudges and would love to sit on a mountain and gaze at my navel. With a goat.

The Preparation

We'll focus on one or two areas of your Human Pretzel. I'll send you my deep dive questionnaire before we meet. Don't worry it's not like homework, but it will get to the heart of it and allow you to 'go there' before we even meet. Once I've got your questionnaire back, I might be in touch to clarify something or we could jump straight in and book your session.

let's go deep

what's  included:

The Main Event

We'll meet online and spend two glorious hours digging in to one or two focussed areas of your Human Pretzel. The work can be twisty, but our aims are simple: CLARITY - the light and space to see where and who you really are. CHANGE - the actions you need to take to make a change and; COURAGE - the everyday kind to start untangling your Human Pretzel.

clarity & courage

The After Party

This one is all you - well almost all you.  After our session you will have time to integrate and take those important first steps.  They could be giant steps or they could be tiny ones, but that "getting started" energy is key.  That's why I'm sticking around for courage and badassery for 28 days after our session - by email or by WhatsApp, I'm your momentum buddy.

being that change

I'm all in!

You my friend, are a BIG damn DEAL!

This isn’t a promise of feeling amazing 24/7 and “living your best life” that’s just bullshit to sell you the idea that you're not OK the way you are!

It does mean learning to be liked (or not) for who actually are, having the courage to disappoint or to take a stand for what matters most to you. It’s about fulfilling every last ounce of possibility you were born with. 

The world needs you to be you!


PIPPA IS an outstanding coacH, SHE IS a natural and HER authenticity can be felt across continents!

— DEB B.

I'VE workED on my inner critic and boundaries at home and work, PIPPA IS no-NONsense and inspirING.

For the entirety of my coaching WITH PIPPA, I felt inspired, uplifted, encouraged, held and guided.


my coaching WITH PIPPA has opened up endless possibilitieS, Now I give myself the time and TLC I NEED.

This is for you if...

(let me tell YOU about the FOLX I serve)

You’re a bad-ass A-type achiever, yet you still spend a whole lot of time “fitting in” and twisting yourself to do, say and be what is expected of you.

You just want to be yourself! How hard can it be? You know who you are, what you want and how to get it, right? Or you thought you did but lately you’ve been wondering what’s you and what’s your pretzel!

You’re pretty convinced you’re a feminist but what does that even mean? You do know though, that you’re done with the misogynistic, racist BS narrative that runs through every-damn-thing and you want to be part of the solution.

You're ready to do-the-work it takes to start to untangle your Human Pretzel. You’re not all about the “easy” you’re about the “worth it” and you're all in baby!

You need someone to help you take action, to stay on the path and keep taking those steps, even when you’d really rather run back in the house and hide behind the sofa (aka especially when)!

Let's dive in




I'M ready to learn to trust and believe in MYself no matter what, I know it could be a bit vulnerable, but I'M ready anyway.

I'M ready to tear up the “how to be a successful human” blueprint and to write MY own rules from now on!

i'm done with twisting myself around like a human pretzel just to fit in, only to feel like i still don't belong - not really.

who you are...

client praise

"Pippa was able to see through to the heart of what it was I was striving for, she helped me feel confident in myself."

"Pippa helped me feel confident in myself to take some big, positive steps both in my day job and in building up my business. She has been fundamental in setting a really solid foundation for me to grow from. She was generous with her knowledge and insight, gentle in her challenges and always quick to point out where I was taking steps forward. Pippa’s open, honest and genuine approach made me feel truly seen and heard. A real pleasure to work with."


"It has taken some time to put into words how incredible my coaching with Pippa was, there's so much I want to say!"

"I was drawn to Pippa’s authenticity, realness and wicked sense of humour and I was not disappointed as she brought all of this and so much more. When we began I knew that I needed to dig deep to find that extra spark for my business and my life. Enter Pippa… during our time together she gently guided me towards my own inner knowing with her completely no-nonsense and delightful approach. For the entirety of my coaching series, I felt inspired, uplifted, encouraged, held and guided."


"Pippa is an outstanding coach, she is a natural and her authenticity can be felt across continents!"

From our first session, I felt a sense of calm wash over me... I knew I’d made a good choice and that I was in good hands. I had some soul searching to do from the great questions Pippa asked me. My experience has been grounding and transformational. Pippa is a true professional and an outstanding coach, she blends in just enough warm and fuzzy alongside the tough love. She is a natural and her authenticity can be felt across continents!"


"I've worked on my inner critic and boundaries at home and work, Pippa is no-nonsense and inspiring."

"My coaching experience surpassed all expectations I'd ever dreamed of. Pippa helped me see past what I thought was my focus was and find what really mattered. Saying ‘No’, delegating and letting go of striving and perfectionism has got so much easier. I really wasn’t sure what my goals were when I started, but I ended up not only developing my new workshop, but also working on my inner critic and boundaries at home and work. My coaching was no-nonsense and inspired!"


"I was amazed at the progress that I made between those two sessions and am still continuing to make"

"I had been following Pippa on social media and reading her newsletters for a while and I jumped at the chance to work with her! And I was not disappointed! I was drawn to work with Pippa because of her work around belonging. We covered some areas that I was expecting linked to that and also some more surprisingly ones (in a good way!). I thoroughly enjoyed the experience on the day itself, as well as the follow-up online. Pippa really is the perfect person to break down those perfectionism barriers!"


"My coaching with Pippa has opened up endless possibilities, now I give myself the time and TLC I need."

"I used to go through life trying not to be noticed and putting up with so much crap…now I love myself enough to embrace who I really am. I used to want everyone to like me, as an introvert giving so much of myself away, leaving me feeling depleted. Now I give myself the time and TLC to regain my energies for life’s challenges. Learning to 'love, understand and respect myself' has been pretty enlightening, and at the same time it’s been bloody knackering!"


"I broke these patterns and started to produce creative work, started my business and had real fun with it too!"

"I was lost in a multitude of ideas, I spent so much time preparing that I didn't produce anything. I felt lost, uncertain and overwhelmed by possibilities, not ready etc. I wanted to start my coaching business but there was always something... more important, more urgent. I needed a coach that had a realistic approach that could kick my ass if needed. Coaching with Pippa blew my mind...I broke these pattern, started to produce creative work, started my business and had real fun with it too!"


"I felt heard and understood.
Coaching with Pippa has changed my life."

Something about the way Pippa spoke to me, I felt like she really understood me. She blew my expectations out of the water, immediately I felt heard and understood, and while I didn't feel it would be easy, knowing what my goals were and feeling like they were possible was a big shift for me. Coaching with Pippa has changed my life, I've gained confidence, started a new business, got a promotion at work, became a better, more patient mother, and I doubt I could have done it all without her.


"Working with Pippa was beyond everything I could have imagined!"

Working with Pippa was beyond everything I could have imagined! It was so healing and allowed me to see things from a whole new perspective, it went beyond any expectations! I’ve learnt that it’s okay not to be okay and that we need to allow all feelings to just be and we don't have to fix everything. There was so many major shifts for me - everyone should have a fairy godmother coach like Pippa!




unpretzel yourself

My mission at the Home of Belonging is a simple one: I want to help thousands of courageous rebels untangle their Human Pretzel and build a home of belonging within themselves.

We’ve been taught to be Human Pretzels, twisting ourselves into every possible shape to fit in. Conforming to the expectations of others, for their comfort and for us to feel a sense of belonging. But this isn’t real belonging!

Real belonging is being courageous enough to bring all of you every day, no matter what, where and who with. It’s not having your belonging held to ransom by other people’s willingness or ability to accept you as you are. It’s building a home of belonging within yourself and I’d love to help you do just that!

Kick-ass life coach, queen of wit, mistress of mid-life & cat servant. 

you courageous rebel

Wanna know more about me?


Unpretzel Yourself

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My signature deep-dive Unpretzel Yourself questionnaire before we even start.


Two-hour coaching session with option to take a one-hour break in the middle to reflect and refresh before we regroup and finish strong.


Follow up badassery and support via WhatsApp and email for 28 days.


10% Discount on 4-6 month signature coaching package "From Pretzel to Rebel" if booked within 6 months.