Never Can Say Goodbye

If you’ve found yourself on this page you’re either (a) an interwebby genius who is great at guessing URLs – well bloody done!

Orrrr, (b) we’ve worked together in some way before and I’ve sent you an email linking to here – either way welcome! If you’re new around these parts, head over to my home page, otherwise read on!

so, what next?

We may have just finished a coaching series or programme together, or we might have worked together in the past, either way this page is 100% for you, and I’m here to tell you that you have options!

“What are they?”

Well, I’m so glad you asked!

All returning clients are eligible for a 15% discount* off future coaching packages or coaching series.

So that’s option one right there.

*can’t be bundled with any other discounted packages or programmes (but I’m guessing that’s kinda obvious!)


Option 2 – The Home Help

Just like we need a little help at home from time-to-time (a.k.a I hate ironing), sometimes we could do with a little help in life too and The Home Help is just that – think of me as your tidier-upper, your loo-bleacher and hedge-cutter all rolled into one**.

If you’re looking for a way to stay on track and get continued support for your bravest goals and most courageous dreams, then look no further my friend, The Home Help, my monthly support package of accountability with mentoring, is right up your street.

This support package is different to a traditional coaching series or my signature 1:1 Coming Home coaching package, but is just as badass and might well be just the help you need for where you are, right now.

What’s included?

  • Monthly calls on Zoom to dig deep into where you’re at now, the direction you’re heading and how you’re getting on getting there. 
  • Accountability during our sessions and in-between – you know me, I’ll call it what it is, gently and kindly, but we’ll cut through the BS to help you keep moving in the right direction.
  • Mentoring – If I have knowledge or skills in a particular area, I’ll share it with you, whether it’s from my experience with personal growth and awakening, coaching tools I use in my business or if you’re a small business owner, skills, knowledge and tools that I use (or have used) in my business.
  • Shit tons of encouragement, enthusiasm and cheerleading in your corner – especially for those times when family and friends just don’t get it and you really need someone to be on the same page!

What’s not included?

  • Specific goal setting within a specific timeframe as would be included in a coaching series.
  • Fortnightly calls on Skype or Zoom (it’s monthly instead).
  • WhatsApp messaging for day-to-day support as included in my coaching packages – but definitely don’t let that stop you emailing me as I love to keep in touch to keep things moving between sessions!

**Disclaimer: I have no skill whatsoever with hedges, don’t use bleach anymore because y’know the environment, but I can Marie Kondo the fuck out of most things 😉. No actual household help is included with this monthly support package 😳.

Your investment (for returning clients only)

£105GBP/month (minimum commitment 3 months)
£600 for 6 months when paid in full in advance

(when booking a 6 month package of sessions, they must all be used within a maximum of 8 months)