Pippa’s Story

This is the somewhat more informal story of Pippa, where she doesn’t have to talk about herself in the third person and probably swears just a titchy bit…

A Courageous Belonging Coach, Belonging Mentor for Small Businesses, Writer, Speaker, Teacher, Mum (+ Cat Mum), Daughter, Friend (sometimes a sucky + forgetful one), Intersectional Feminist and Aspiring Courageous Human (come on folx, it’s not always easy to practice what you preach!).

Oh and I’m funny-as-fuck, swear a lot (see previous), massively overuse parentheses (duh), have a tendency towards the verbose (I waffle) and a coaching client very helpfully named one of my core personal values as Irreverence. Fuck yes, as irreverent as I can be – rules were made to be broken, screw “should” – it’s my life to live and I’m gon’ live it my way!

By day a coach, also by day doing the occasional pub management shift (can’t help myself!) and otherwise working to dismantle the patriarchy and all its related systems of oppression (Hello White Supremacy), cuddling cats, watching Netflix and obsessing slightly over my houseplants and crystals collection. I know, who knew I’m woo-woo too?!

How did I get here? (I hear you ask – except you didn’t but y’know). lived much of my adult life in the corporate world (meh – is meh still a thing in 2019?), married two men (not at the same time 😳) – neither turned out all that well, one waaaay worse than the other but that’s a story for another time – with wine.

In my 40s I have finally got to grips with why I was continuously striving, perfecting, people pleasing and performing all my adult life…

I had no idea whatsoever who I really was, what really mattered to me and what I really wanted to do with my one short + precious life, this time around the sun.

I’d spent soooo much time trying to be every-damn-thing that I assumed* everyone else (family, friends, work, community, and err, our patriarchal society) expected me to be, that I actually didn’t know myself at all.

*assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups by the way – just saying…

Side note: it did not sit well with this Type A, alpha-female, ambitious-perfectionist-badass to have a moment that went “oh dear god Pippa, you’re a need-to-find-yourself cliché”. Then I got over it…

So, what happened next?

I know, you’re literally sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the rags to riches transformation story, right?
I spent a long (I mean lonnnnnng) time, trying to figure myself out. I fucked up a lot on the way as there was no heading off to a Himalayan hill to meditate 20 hours a day for this girl, the daily shit that is L-I-F-E still had to happen; I still had to earn a living and function as a semi-plausible human. Emphasis on semi.
I tried the “just love yourself” bollocks but turns out, it’s hard to like let alone love someone you don’t even know – it would be like trying to love the stranger next to you on the bus – err, weird, where would you even start?! And social media has a lot to answer for in asking us to “just love ourselves” – pah, like it’s that easy! So I did The Work.
And you know what I’ve found so far after doing soooo much work, reading so many books, working with so many coaches, lots of different types of “ologists”, doing many courses and many (many) hours of meditation?

It all came down to belonging.
More importantly – belonging to myself.

Belonging to yourself, as opposed to being a human pretzel to fit in (err, 🙋🏻‍♀️), is at the heart of my work, both with myself and with my clients. This type of true belonging is at the heart of living a courageous life. Fitting in looks like being who you think you need to be, to be approved of or accepted. Real belonging is being courageous enough every day to be all of you, no matter what, where and who with (and sod the consequences).

So I did the work (+ am still doing the work) to belong more and more to myself and life has changed so very much over the last few years as a result! No more pretzel life for me (unless it’s covered in cheese and ham and accompanied by great German beer).

During this time I qualified as a life coach (in 2016) and in more recent times I have dedicated my coaching work to this notion of belonging to yourself. If my story is speaking to you, or you’d like to find out more about how you can work on belonging more to yourself, book a Discovery Call with me – I would love to chat with you and there’s no heavy sales nonsense here – I would genuinely love to hear your journey with belonging and see if working with me might help you – where you are in your life – right now.