This is a monthly share that I started in August 2020 to share what really goes on in my (largely) online coaching business, the celebrations, the lessons and what I’d do again all-day-long. It is also to keep myself accountable to forward motion in my business, big and small (progress doesn’t have to be huge courageous leaps) and to lay bare what it’s really like to start and run a coaching business (it’s essentially the antithesis of the “million dollars in 3 days” type shit you might see elsewhere.

August in Business

One | My 10 Secrets of an Unpretzelled Business

Very excited to launch this fabulous free workbook resource for business owners in late August. You can get your copy here. No fluff, no-nonsense, practical workbook rather than lots of words on a page to be read, put away and never thought about again. Each secret is intended to prompt you to reflect on where you are in your business right now and move that reflection into action. Run don’t walk and download your copy now.


Two | Unpretzel Your Business

This month also saw me put some shape to my business coaching program for business owners wanting to cultivate the courage to show up in and for their businesses with their WHOLE selves, to serve their customers and community while honouring themselves and their sovereign lives. So, just a little thing! This is a 1:1 coaching series over 6 months which will see you jettison your business into orbit! Going live soon…


Three | Anti-Racism Mastermind

Back at the height of the Black Lives Matter protests in June, I sent out an invitation for coaches or small business owners, to join me in a very informal mastermind, unpacking white privilege, particularly around how we run our businesses and how they can develop to be part of a solution to dismantling all systems of oppression. I started doing this work maybe 3 years ago as part of my connection with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy (I was very much “white blinkered” prior to this), but this business focus is a newer way of looking at this work.

The mastermind is very early days and let’s be clear, I am not leading this, it’s some biz folks coming together to be accountable and create change. An area of focus for all of us has been what our approach to D&I (Diversity & Inclusion) looks like as business owners and how can we bring that to life. My focus for September will be to publish my Diversity & Inclusion statement and start working on the action plan to ensure it’s more than just a pretty statement!


Four | New Blog (hint, you’re looking at it)

I haven’t had a blog in a verrry long time and it hasn’t really spoken to me. But I recently decided that I’d like to start including some of my longer-style posts here on my website (because #googlesearches) and also to provide a bit of a home for my writing. So I set it up and if you’re reading this post, you’ve found it! This pretty much covers “what I’ve been learning” this month too as I taught myself all sorts of techie stuff.



August in Numbers

I currently have two income streams in my business, my 1:1 client work and a very small amount that comes from affiliate income from tools or programmes that I recommend (if I love them and they’re aligned with my values!). I will be adding a third in autumn 2020 (Unpretzel Your Tech – watch this space).

  • 1:1 Coaching Clients | 2 new clients + 2 clients finished + 2 current (all amazing!) 
  • Affiliate income from Flodesk & Dubsado £68
  • Instagram | +12 on July (910)
  • Email subscribers | +18 on July (142)



August in Life

It’s been “a month” August. For those of you that don’t know, I went back into the hospitality industry just before lockdown to support my dream of saving for the deposit for a home (long story, had one, lost it following series of decisions in my 30s including marrying a really not very nice human). August was the government’s month of Eat Out to Help Out which sent people previously committed to STAYING HOME into pubs and restaurants in their THOUSANDS. Weird what a freebie will do!

And come they did. Monday to Wednesday became the new “fuck, it’s the bank holiday” days with people exhibiting some of the very worst of themselves, “it’s outrageous that you can’t accommodate a table of 15” (as a walk-in with no booking), or my personal favourite, “I can’t believe we’ve been waiting for our (50% off) meals for 12 minutes!” (and they were right, it was a whole 12-minutes!).

Well, Mr Rishi Sunak, Eat Out to Help Out can get in the fucking bin! Wow, it was a month and I send all my love to anyone that had to suffer through it. What was really interesting to me was just how easily people were prepared to abandon their senses (and COVID safety measures) just for a half-price meal. Last I heard the scheme had busted through the budget of £500m set aside for it and I’m not sure how I feel about that!

I struggle to square away my personal values around COVID within the industry I’m working in by encouraging people to come out and mingle, albeit socially distanced, but maybe that conversation is for another day. I can’t say moving into the accommodation as part of my job at the start of lockdown was easy either and adjusting to that “new normal” has been 😬, but I think my nervous system might now be down below defcon 1 at least.

Other than that August was a good month. I carried on indulging at the spa I joined at the end of July and my 2-3 “bubbles” a week kept me sane. Working with both my daughters, whilst not always easy, also kept me sane – they’re both superstars! My partner in crime, Jamie, also deserves a mention as my “rant-receiver and absorber” who endlessly indulges me ranting (about work mainly), never complains and, in fact, encourages me to just talk it out with him until I’m done.



Tools & resources I use in my business

You can find out more here but I use these tools in my business and I bloody love them!

Flodesk (for sending beautiful emails)

Dubsado (for client experience and onboarding)

Trello (for organising life & business)

Canva (for fab business graphics)

Zoom (for all my client calls)

Google Suite (for day-to-day biz apps) (for the luxe business stationery)

Papier (for the gorgeous custom journals I give my clients)

Showit (for easy peasy websites)

Planoly (for scheduling your socials)

You can see more about the tools I use at My Fave Biz Tools and I’ll be including support for some of them when Unpretzel Your Tech goes live later in Autumn 2020.




To be honest I could probably sum it up like this: less rest and play than I’d like; too much work; not as much time on my business as I’d like, but good progress made; I bubbled; I have great support and amazing family and I have a whole lot of inspiration coming to me in my bubbling and swimming times. Until next month folks.

Stay Audacious!

Pippa xx


NICE TO KNOW: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links (meaning I may get a small commission if you decide to use any of the tools they link to), but they never cost you any extra and I only recommend tried and tested tools that I bloody love.