I am taking a leaf out of my wonderful friend @ruthridgewayxo book as I’ve always loved seeing her do this with business numbers and achievements over the last couple of years, so I’m inspired to start unpacking my month after the end of each month and sharing it on my blog to support my own accountability.

This also fell come out of the Anti-Racism Mastermind I set up with @curiously_sadie @thissisterscribes @louise_howarth_ and @ellelorean.co in June to hold myself accountable to continue to unpack my bias and contribution to a racist system in both my business and I’ll be reporting on this too.⁣

At the beginning of every month, I will be sending out an email and a blog post about the key elements of my coaching business on the last month. the kind of things I’ll be covering are:⁣

🥨 What I’ve been working on that month⁣
🥨 What I’ve been learning (& unpretzelling)⁣
🥨 What I’ve been studying/reading/courses I’ve been on⁣
🥨 An update on my anti-racism work⁣
🥨 How I use some of the tools in my business⁣

…and just generally “the month that was” in my biz.⁣

If you head to my homepage, you can sign up to my community and you’ll get this sent to you in the next couple of days and will also be first to get a copy of my new small biz resource, “My 10 Secrets to an Unpretzelled Business” which will be published this week (hopefully 😬 🌀)