What would happen if nobody told you that you were doing a good job?⁣

What if there were no pats on the back, no “well dones” no credit on its way for a job well done?⁣

What if external praise and validation weren’t what you lived for to feel “successful and accomplished”?⁣

For many years I was a bolshy, bold and badass woman on the outside, she looked like her shit was totally together and she (apparently) lived for nobody’s validation.⁣

The reality was very different. I was constantly people-pleasing, burning out time and again, just in the what felt like shameful, pursuit of praise and validation (it’s still my Achilles heel).⁣

I’m not saying it’s not nice to get credit for a job well done 💪🏼, of course it is, but when it’s your raison d’être, when you crave that validation, there’s definitely work to do on trusting your own inner sat-nav, your own validation of how fucking awesome you are.⁣

How could you tell yourself “well fucking done” today my friend?