I was swimming the other day and doing laps of that (gorgeously cold 🥵) pool is fast becoming my equivalent of those people who get inspiration while they’re in the shower 🚿.⁣

I’ve had many a person over the years tell me that when they immerse themselves into something that allows their mind to just drift, they get their very best ideas. My partner says his running time in the quiet of the early morning is just the best time of his day for processing. That’s his jam.⁣

So apparently swimming has become mine, and I got to thinking the other day about a bit of a chicken and egg situation, while I was drifting up and down that lane in the blissfully cool water.⁣

I REALLY didn’t want to drag my ass to the pool that day, I had a MILLION things to do and my mind was simply 🤯 🌀. As it started to settle down I got to thinking about motivation and “being arsed” as opposed to not being arsed (which was most def my state of mind before I left the house).⁣

Do we start DOING something once we feel like doing it or, is it IN the DOING of the thing that we start to feel like doing it? 🐓 + 🥚 right?⁣

DO something until you FEEL better or FEEL better to DO something.⁣

My conclusion is underwhelming and also liberating at the same time.⁣

Both are just as valid and will help support you in different situations. Sometimes you really do NEED to feel good about something to get stuck in. Other times it’s in the DOING that you will find that flow and you just have to step forwards. Maybe take 2 minutes to ask yourself which one fits your current situation.⁣