1:1 COACHING with me

Is there something you want to be different in your life my lovely? Changes that you want to make but just can’t quite get the traction or know where to start? Then this is the package for you.

We’ll still incorporate elements of my work around belonging and stepping into the biggest, boldest version of you, but we’ll mainly work together on 2/3 specific goals that you want to achieve in your life – right now. Don’t know what you want to change, but you know something’s got too? That’s OK we can work this out together and come up with a plan of action (I do like a good plan). Either way, I’ve got you.

My 1:1 coaching package is available over a minimum of 4 months. A 6-month option is available for those really juicy goals and dreams that you’ve been cooking up.

You clicked on the play button anyway didn’t you? I love you even more as a result so don’t worry – I hope you enjoyed the cat videos – my video is coming soon 😉 !


What you get

  • A no-holes-barred questionnaire to help you get to the heart of where we’re heading together.
  • 8x 60-mins sessions over 4 months*.
  • Email support in-between sessions to keep you moving forwards (or just to send me cat videos).
  • Support via What’s App for quick questions and musings and voice messages in-between sessions

Your investment

£255GBP/4 weeks x 4 payments or
£965GBP if paid in full in advance

To kick things off you will receive a free pre-coaching questionnaire which will help you get to the heart of what you want to achieve during your time with me, and we will have a 30-minute Skype or Zoom discovery call (no cost too you). It’s kinda like internet dating – we get a chance to see if we “belong” together ;).

If we’re a match then I will send you a coaching agreement and you can either pay for your sessions on a monthly basis, or for a discount, pay for the whole series up front. And then we get stuck in. We’ll really get into the details to establish the goals you want to achieve during our time together – no limits, nothing off the table, we go “all-in”. After that it’s fortnightly calls, plans, actions and lots and lots of golden “aha moments” (thanks Oprah for that one) and just the most amazing time together.

*I know that life happens and a session might need to be moved or postponed, however all sessions in a 4-month coaching series must be used within a maximum of 5 months (and within 7 months for a 6-month series).