Welcome to the Home of Belonging

Ready to go from Human Pretzel to Courageous Rebel my friend?

Come on in, plump up a cushion and make yourself at home. All of you is welcome here. There’s no need to twist yourself into a human pretzel to fit in, you simply belong, just as you are.

Ready to say F*ck Off to the status quo and be ALL of you, ALL of the goddamn time?

Let’s go!

You’ve been feeling it for a while now, haven’t you?


  • That sense that something is “off”, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. You’re a high-achiever that’s for sure and to everyone else life looks fantastic. And it is. But, what is that feeling then?
  • You didn’t get where you are without compromises, without being all the different things to all the different people, and you’re damn good at it. Maybe this human pretzel talent has even made its way on to your resume in the past – I mean who wouldn’t want to hire someone, who can please all of the people, all of the time?
  • But you’ve lost yourself along the way somewhere, right? What really matters to you, what are your values? What do you stand for, and what do you stand against? What are your boundaries and how firm are those babies – just how hard is that hard no?
  • You’re starting to realise that as a bad-ass A-type achiever, you still spend a whole lot of time “fitting in” and contorting yourself to do, say and be what is expected of you (or what you think is anyway); and you’re starting to wonder how to be a lot more of yourself without doing an “Eat, Pray Love”.
  • You’re convinced you’re a feminist but what does that even mean these days? You do know though, that you’re very much over the misogynistic, racist BS narrative that runs through every-damn-thing, but what can you do about it without risking way more than is comfortable?
  • You just want to be YOU, all the time, none of this pretzel-like crap, none of this many hats-wearing juggling nonsense, just YOU. 

I’m here to tell you my would-be rebel friend

that “belonging to yourself”, or embracing all of you no matter who you are with, or what place or situation you are in, is 100% possible.  In fact – if we’re going to burn this patriarchal BS to the ground and build a better world for the future, it’s pretty f*cking essential, wouldn’t you say?

Giving up your contortionist, people-pleasing and countless hat-wearing ways, to find your Home of Belonging, is like buying a beautiful old house and taking the time, love and attention making it your home. It’s not going to be easy, it’s going to take some time, perseverance and a willingness to learn lots of new skills [like how to match that damn pattern up on the wallpaper], but in time it’ll start to feel like home and you’re gonna love spending time there and wonder why you always went away for vacations!

It’s finally leaning in to all that bad-ass courage you’ve always used for everything else in your life, and deploying some of it for YOU – not for profit, not for kudos and definitely not for someone or something else – for YOU. You know in your heart you’re a bit of a rebel, maybe even a bit of an agitator or a disruptor of the status quo (welcome, me too!), but now is the time for you to bring your whole self to the table – and not a moment too soon!

Pippa was able to see through to not only the heart of what it was I was striving for, but also helped me see through my own crap. She helped me feel confident in myself to take some big steps both in my day job and in building up my own side hustle.

Pippa was generous with her knowledge and insight, gentle in her challenges and and always quick to point out where I was taking steps forward and didn’t always see it for myself straight away. Her open, honest and genuine approach, made me feel truly seen and heard. A real pleasure.

Sadie. T

A bit about me

Pippa Parfait, founder of the Home of Belonging, is The Courageous Belonging Coach. She helps would-be rebels to be courageous and daring, tell the patriarchal status quo to f*ck right off, and to belong fully to themselves.

Pippa works with the contortionists, the ball-jugglers, the people-pleasers and the countless hat-wearers, who want to stop twisting themselves around like human pretzels to meet everyone else’s expectations of them* and start meeting their own! (*or more like, what they think other people’s expectations are because y’know: patriarchal habits die hard).

Belonging to yourself, as opposed to being a human pretzel to fit in, is at the heart of Pippa’s work, and this type of true belonging is at the heart of a courageous life. Fitting in looks like being who you think you need to be, to be approved of or accepted. Real belonging is being courageous enough every day to be all of you, no matter what, where and who with. It’s belonging to yourself first by building a home within yourself – with a ginger cat on the welcome mat – there’s always a ginger cat!

PS: Now in her 40s, Pippa has decided that any folx that aren’t going to approve of her now, probably never will and that she’s totally OK with that.  This has been extremely liberating and she heartily recommends having a stab at giving a lot less f*cks (rather than just saying you do on social media!). You can find out more about Pippa [think a slightly waffly overshare] below.

You know it’s time, right?

Are you ready my courageous rebel friend?


From Lovely Clients

“My coaching experience has been grounding and transformational. You are a true professional and an outstanding coach, you blend in just enough warm and fuzzy alongside the ‘tough’ love”

Julie S

“Through our work together I came to understand that for women like me, apparently confident and articulate, it is still OK to feel like a failure and not feel confident 100% of the time.”

Mel M

The Home Help

Accountability with mentoring for individuals and small businesses – owning and using your voice and living your courageous life out loud.


Coming Home is my signature 1:1 coaching package. Seven months of delicious work on belonging to go from Human Pretzel to Courageous Rebel!

1:1 Coaching

A “traditional” 4-6 month coaching series to pursue your bravest goals and most courageous dreams while (yes, you guessed it), still being 100% of YOU.

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